Doctrinal Talks between the SSPX and the Holy See

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doctrinaltalksThe Argentinean website Panorama Catolico Internacional published the news that Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta is in charge of “coordinating and leading the meetings with the commission appointed by the Holy See”, in the context of the theological talks between the SSPX and the Vatican. PCI reported, in the conditional, that Bishop de Galarreta “may have been appointed president of the Commission of the theologians of the SSPX in charge of doctrinal debates with the Holy See.”

In fact, Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta is president of the commission which must prepare the dossiers to be studied during the theological debates with the representatives of the Holy See. This commission is internal to the SSPX and was constituted last April; it is not a bi-lateral commission.

Until further information, the declaration made by Bishop Bernard Fellay to the Italian News Agency Apcom, on July 31, remains relevant:

Apcom: Bishop Fellay, are you scheduled to go to Rome in the near future? Has the date for the beginning of the discussions already been appointed? Have you already thought about the composition of your commission?  How many people?

Bishop Fellay: No date has been appointed as yet for the dialogue, but we may assume that it will take place in the fall. I will go to Rome at that time, but there is nothing precise so far. The commission is already composed of three to four people, but we cannot yet give names to prevent any pressure upon them. — See DICI n° 199-200.

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