I cannot find the link to download DICI or Christendom pdf.

To download the pdf, you click on the image of Dici  or of Christendom in the right column under the header DICI , or Christendom. This will open a page on which you will find the contents of the pdf, and below a header : PDF download. There you will find the Title: it is in red because it is a link. You click on that link and the pdf will be downloaded into your computer.

Where can I find the contents of the latest pdf of DICI or Christendom?
You will find the latest pdf of DICI or Christendom on the bottom sidebar on the right, click on the picture, it will open a page with the contents of the issue and a pdf button to download it.

I cannot manage to open the pdf files.
You can upload Adobe reader for free and install it.

I cannot find the liturgical calendar, and many other topics I used to find on DICI.
Henceforth, DICI will only deal with news. The website (still under construction) of the General House will provide all you used to find on DICI and much more.

I am looking for a church, chapel or priory of the Society where I can attend the Traditional Mass.
Until the new website of the General House is opened, this information can be found on the website of the corresponding district.